Anonymous Blue hole reflection

Blue hole reflection

posted: 1/18/19

Anonymous A peek of the sun

Mt.vernon ill

posted: 1/17/19

bsmith Snow Jan 11 to 12 2019 24 hours in 2min

24 Hours From Jan 11 at 4pm to Jan 12 at 4pm in Jackson Mo

posted: 1/17/19

Anonymous Afternoon with great Nephew

Afternoon with great Nephew

posted: 1/17/19

Anonymous Coming back from Cape .

This photo was taken between Gail and Thebes on the Great River rd . Very pretty looking across to Missouri . Photo taken by William Foeste . GOD BLESS to all . Thanks much Lord , Amen .

posted: 1/16/19

Anonymous I'll be watching for wounded geese .

That is the eagles favorite food . Photo taken by William Foeste , near Olive Branch . Thanks much Lord ,Amen .

posted: 1/16/19

William Foeste Horseshoe Lake still has beauty .

Even after all the floods this small lake has had the beauty is everywhere . seen golden eagles soaring and ducks and geese . I feel if the state and county leaders would put some work cleaning it up it could still be a tourist attraction . Photo taken by William Foeste . Thanks Lord , Amen .

posted: 1/15/19

William Foeste Horseshoe Lake

Bird soaring around the lake and surrounding fields. I missed the best photo, when it flew right over my head. Thanks much Lord. Amen

posted: 1/15/19

William Foeste Reflection at Horseshoe

Driving around the lake appreciating the beauty of nature God's gift for us to enjoy seeing. Have a blessed day. Photo taken by William Foeste.

posted: 1/15/19

GrayDCnews Welcome to Gray, @kfvsnews @wdam! #WeAreLocal

Welcome to Gray, @kfvsnews @wdam! #WeAreLocal

posted: 1/15/19