tamanes77 Malden Walmart

Malden Walmart

posted: 12/27/15

master666rich Floods

Jer's restaurant in marble hillSent via the Samsung GALAXY S®4, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone

posted: 12/28/15

Anonymous Cr. 720 in Zalma

The road by my house

posted: 12/28/15

Anonymous TT Wayne County at McGee,Misdouri

Hwy TT at McGee, Missouri in Wayne County. Taken 12-28-15

posted: 12/28/15

Tanya Lofton (mother) SNOW EXCITED!

Olivia & Elijah Lofton could not wait to play in the snow so they built a late night snowman!

posted: 11/17/14

Mark Edwards Eclipse from Paducah, Ky

From: Mark Edwards Location: Old Mayfield Road, Paducah KY 5:25 AM

posted: 10/8/14



posted: 10/8/14



posted: 10/8/14

Anonymous Melissa Turner of Dexter and her boys

Melissa Turner of Dexter and her boys

posted: 10/29/13

Anonymous East Junior High Football vs. Portageville

8th grade football manager Zeke Estes has been part of our program for two years and has been an inspiration to our team. It was only fitting to make sure that he made it into the end zone. The Portageville administration and coaching staff were very supportive in helping make sure our junior high eagle would make it into the end zone, especially during a game his parents and family could also attend.

posted: 10/10/13

Duane gaffney Halloween dummy for laura

Our cat Jack loves the Halloween dummy Old Tom. Duane Gaffney Alto Pass

posted: 10/11/13

Anonymous National Dog day!

This is Remington Gunner. He is a happy 4 year old beagle. From Du Quoin. He is jumping for joy for national dog day!

posted: 8/26/13

Anonymous Back to school

First day of 4th grade (Maranda)�@ AJ MARTIN ELEMENTARY & first day of preschool �(Remmi)�@ R.A.�DOYLE ELEMENTARY in East Prairie, MO.�

posted: 8/19/13


This is Nick Depyatic (pictured on the left) and his buddy Cort Booksaver (pictured on the right). They are both 11. They hooked this carp ten times and finally on the eleventh time, jumped in the water and wrestled with the big monster of a fish until they wore it down. Nick finally dragged it to land by double handing it through the carp’s gills while Cort held the pole. This Carp weighed 48 pounds and was caught at the City Lake Spillway in DuQuoin, Illinois. Needless to say how excited this catch of the day was for these boys. Stephanie M. GladsonLegal Assistant for Patricia A. Hoke100 N. Illinois AvenueP.O. Box

posted: 6/12/13

Anonymous Interesting Photo of Cicada Molting

I took this photo this morning at 7 am, by 11 am the cicada had shed, its wings were dried and it was gone. Taken by Sarah Patterson near Piedmont. Sent via BlackBerry by AT&T

posted: 5/13/11